About me

nora Borodziej

As a child I spent a lot of my time at my grandmother’s place who had two dogs that I adored; but it wasn’t until I was 27, when I finally settled down in one place, that I got a dog of my own. Leus came to my life in August 2017 and turned it upside down. I’m definitely one of those people who never looked back.

About Leus

If people insist on knowing ‘what kind’ of a dog I have, I usually say that she is a purebred Hungarian mix. Many people claim she has some schnauzer terrier in her and that might just as well be true. What matters to me is: she is patient and kind, warm and silky, and doesn’t mind sleeping the day away on the sofa while I work. She’s unfazed by children and the noise they produce. She tolerates long commutes and not-so-exciting outings to pubs and restaurants. She loves running up and down the hills. She makes me happy.



When I don’t know what to do about something I read. So when I decided to get a dog I started reading, reading, reading. Then I realised that not everyone has the time or the energy to dig through lots of books and websites and the idea for this blog (mostly for its Hungarian sister) was born. The primary aim of this blog is to spread the word about training dogs without pain, fear and intimidation. I believe that changing our attitude towards our dogs can make a big difference in their – and our! – lives and I will be sharing interesting information that can contribute to this change.

This blog is not a training protocol. If you have serious issues with your dog (e.g. aggression), please contact me at nora@thedognerd.hu or call me +36705622656.

Special thanks to my wonderful partner Vera, who believed in this project from the start and who remains my biggest supporter. They not only patiently fixed translation after translation but also helped me bring clarity and structure into each post. Without them this blog would not be as good as it is.