Behavior problems

dog barking
It is still widely believed that “it is all in how you raisee them”, but the reality of the situation is: your dog doesn’t have behavior problems because you “didn’t raise them right”. And they don’t develop because you’re not “strict enough”, don’t do “enough obedience” or you’re not “tiring your dog out enough”. Sure, meeting your dog’s physical needs and consistency are super important, but behavior problems develop due to a mix of genetics, environment and your dog’s learning history.

I can help you understand your dog and figure out a way forward. You don’t need “calm energy” to help your dog. You need a behavior modification plan. We’ll select appropriate criteria and consequences for your dog to learn new, desired behaviors. The plan will take into consideration both yours and your dog’s needs. 

I recommend individual trainings if:
  • the problem occurs specifically where you live (i.e. human directed agression/reactivity, intrahousehold aggression between your dogs, reactivity)
  • the problem is so serious, that your dog isn’t suitable (yet) for group classes
  • you’r dealing with a phobia (i.e. car phobia, noise phobia)
  • you’d like to work with a plan fully tailored to your situation

If you want to book an appointment, write me at or call me at +36 70 5622 656 .

Learn more about the process.


First consultation: 18.000 HUF

Furtther training sessions

    • 1x 50 min 15.000 HUF
    • 3x 50 min 36.000 HUF
    • 5x 50 min 50.000 HUF

(+ potentially a travel fee)

The process:

  1. Contact me via phone, email or messenger. Once you book an appointment you’ll get a google calendar invite and the behavior questionnaire. The first consultation has to be paid upfront.
  2. Return the behavior questionnaire to me one day before the consult at the latest. If you don’t have the time to fill it out, I’ll take your history during the consultation.
  3. First consultation:

    1. we’ll meet at a chosen location, usually in front of my client’s house
    2. short walk so that I can observe the dog in their usual environment (20-30min)
    3. we’ll talk at your place about what I’ve observe and figure out a training plan
    4. there is usually enough time to try one-two exercises I recommended
    5. at the end we discuss the follow-up appointment and how often we need to meet
  4. After the consultation you’ll get access to your own training folder. You’ll find the training plan, exercises explained step-by-step and some extra materials.