Choosing the right dog (free)

bernese mountain dog

When it comes to living beings there are no guarantees. But if we consider carefully what kind of a dog would really fit our lifestyle (and not just what kind of a dog we would theoretically like), we can increase our chances of finding the right companion.

That’s not easy! These are the questions you should consider (among other):

  • What would I like to do with my dog?
  • How much time do I have every day for them?
  • What is my financial situation?
  • How can I set up my house/apartment before the dog arrives?
  • What are the pros and contras of buying a puppy?
  • What are the pros and contras of adopting a dog?
  • How do I know which breeder is responsible and trustworthy?
  • How can I adopt the dog?

I’d love to help you look for your new companion! Reach out to me at

The consultation takes place on the phone or via video call and lasts 30min.


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