Family consultation

  • Are the dog-child interactions at home stressing you out?
  • Your dog growls at your child or simply leaves the room whenever your child comes in?
  • A bite incident happened?
  • Maybe your child is constatnly bothering the dog and you ran out of ideas how to stop it?
  • Or you’re planning adding a dog/child to your family and you’d like to prepare for their arrival, so that everything goes well?

Book a family consultation which simultaneously deals with both child raising and dog training questions. You’ll get practical solutions and tips because we know that in family life there is never time for anything. We’ll start with what’s already working – we’re sure you’re already doing a lot!

The family consultation is a one of a kind service in Hungary: we acknowledge that in order to develop a good relationship between children and dogs, the issue has to be approached from both sides. That’s why you’ll have two experts at your disposal: a dog trainer and an educator.

Tell us your problems and we’ll help you find solutions that work best for your family!

If you’re like to book an appointment, write to me at or call me at +36 70 5622 656.


The consultation lasts 90min and takes place online via zoom. After the consultation you’ll receive the discussed exercises/tips in writing.

Price: 30.000 HUF

After the first consultation – once we have a good understanding of your situation – you can continue working with either of us individually, in accordance with your needs.

Learn more about us:

Bacsó Flóra, Hand in Hand parenting advisor, conflict management expert,  mother and dog companion.

Borodziej Nora, dog trainer, behavior counsellor, a companion to one dog and four rats, helps raise her partner’s child.

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