Discovery walk

If you don’t want to buy “just” another Christmas gift, get an experience!

What is the discovery walk?

I think that walking the dog can be one of the best things in our life with dogs if we learn to see the world from their perspective. During the discovery walk together we will figure out what your dog loves to do and what activities can help you make the walks more harmonious and enjoyable for the both of you.

dog looking over a valley

What will we talk about?

  • your dog’s personality and hobbies
  • behavioral needs of dogs
  • breed specific behaviors
  • nosework
  • the link between play and predation sequence
  • canine communication

The walk lasts for an hour, but what you learn will stay with you forever 🙂

Who would like this gift?

The discovery walk is a great gift for people who love spending time with their dog outdoors and learning about dogs. You can give this voucher to someone else (9.000 HUF) or if you also have a dog, you can get a shared voucher (12.000 HUF), you can enjoy the walk together.

Price: 1 dog-human team 9.000 HUF1, 2 dog-human teams 12.000 HUF2
Where: Budapest and surrounding areas
Valid until: 01.03.2022

How can I buy one?

1. Write to me at

    • which voucher do you want (for one or two teams)
    • your address, so that I can invoice you
    • first name of the person you’re buying it for and the name of their dog
    • If you send me a picture of the dog I can prepare a personalized voucher (min. size of the image: 500x700px).

2. I’ll send you the invoice with billing information.
3. Once I get the transfer, I’ll email you the voucher.


  1. the dog and their owner(s); for example the person who got the voucher can bring their partner/child. If they have more than one dog, they can bring them but they must be able to control them.
  2. 2 dogs and their owner(s);for example you and your dog + the friend you gave the voucher to and their dog