Social walks

Social walk is for you, if you’d like to:

  • give your dog a good experience among other dogs,
  • learn more about canine body language and social behavior,
  • spend time in the company of like-minded dog owners, who’ll respect your requests for space

What will we do?

  • We’ll go for a small hike, where dogs can explore together. The dogs will stay on the (long) leash for the whole duration of the walk. We always match the most sensitive dog’s needs.
  • If the group set up allows, the dogs will be able to play together too.
  • Depending on the group and the trail, we might make a couple of stops for small training tasks like nosework, fitness exercises and so on.

What should you bring?

For the social walk you’ll need:

  • a well-fitted harness
  • a 5m or 10m long leash (I can lend you one, just let me know)
  • lots of treats

Location: changes

Price: 9.500 Ft

When is the next walk?