How to choose the right collar for your dog


If you want to get two dog trainers to fight, you should ask them if your dog should be wearing a collar or a harness, or if you should “barf” them [Bones And Raw Food]. We are not going to tell you what to do, instead we explain what kinds of collars are out there and when they are good.

Materials and make

Collars are usually made of nylon, leather or textiles, and most will have metal or plastic clasps. The clasp should be located next to the ring to which you attach the leash 1.

Just like with leashes, the choice of material is a matter of taste. The broader a collar, the better – in case your dog suddenly pulls, the force will be distributed over a larger surface.

The collar should be:

  • tight enough not to slip off the dog’s head
  • but still as loose as possible
  • placed far from the section where the cervical spine meets the skull

Moreover, make sure that no hair is caught in the clasp and that the tag with your phone number is securely fixed and you’re ready to go.

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