This is what will happen

Initial contact (free)

    • Reach out to me via messenger, email or phone (+36705622656) and tell me about your concerns.
    • We will set up an appointment.
    • I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. Videos are also welcome if you have some anyway. Do not provoke unwanted behaviors just to film them!
    • Please return the questionnaire 48h before the consultation at the latest.

First consultation: if you’re struggling with problem behaviors

    • The first consultation lasts around 1,5 hours.
    • It will take place in a location where both you and your dog are comfortable.
    • Please bring proof that your dog has all the necessary vaccinations.
    • We will discuss your problem and outline a training plan taking into account your dog’s needs as well as yours.
    • I might recommend a veterinary checkup, as pain is very often the direct cause  of unwanted behaviors.
    • You will receive a written summary based on the questionnaire you filled out and the consultation. It will include an estimate on the number of sessions I think we will need.
    •  Feel free to ask me any additional questions.


    • Time and location of sessions will depend on your problem and availability.
    • Each session lasts 60 minutes.
    • We are in this together. It is part of my job to figure out the most effective changes you can implement today. Together we will decide how much training you can fit into your schedule.
    • Each session will be documented in your personal google doc containing:
      • a summary of the session
      • homework (training exercises for you)
      • space for you to make notes between sessions if you like.
    • If we’re working on a behavior modification program, I may ask you to collect metrics to track our progress.