Dog Training in Budapest

  • Are you worried because of your dog’s behavior? One moment they’re sweet, the next they seem like the devil himselt?
  • Walking your dog causes more stress than joy?
  • You didn’t have great expectations with regards to your dog, but even everyday activities are hard with them?

You’re not alone! If you dream of normal, stress free everyday life with your dog, I can help:

  • individual trainings for behavior problems – if your dog is showing problem behaviors in the apartment or in the area where you live; or if you’d like to work with a training plan fully tailored to your needs and to your schedule
  • group classes (also for not perfectly socialized dogs!):
    • reactive dog class – targeting especially dog-reactive dogs, but the methods taught in this class can be easily aplied to other triggers as well;
    • the social walks – this is an opportunity for your easily stressed or reactive dog to spend time in company of other dogs, where you can feel safe and be certain that noone will disrespect your and your dog’s boundaries
  • family consultation – for conflicts between dogs and children! This consultation it held in cooperation with Bacsó Flóra, conflict resolution expert and hand-in-hand parenting educator

If you’d like to book an appointment, email me at or call at +36 705 622656.

I believe that we primarily like having dogs because we want to enjoy each other’s company – which isn’t easy when your dog barks at all dogs outside, terrorizes your neighbors or doesn’t let guests in. But once we understand the causes behind problem behaviors and the contributing factors, we can make your life easier even if the situation seems hopeless.

Changing problem behaviors is a lot of work, but I’ll be with you every step of the way. Together we will change your dog’s behavior using evidence based, humane methods, while keeping in mind both yours and your dog’s welfare.

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